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Beehive Staff

Elizabeth Jammer, Pre-School Teacher


Elizabeth is currently in her 5th year at Beehive, having been both the Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten teacher.  She brings a fun, play-based education to her classroom by listening to the individual child and bringing their needs into centers in ways that are hands-on and age appropriate, with fun twist.  She is looking forward to more trainings at the Gesell Institute this summer, and has recently completed her Director's License with the State of Texas. Prior to Beehive, she was with HISD at Red Elementary, working with special needs kids, and Kolter Elementary, serving as an assistant in the early childhood program.

Julie Miller, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


Julie began her affiliation with Beehive 3 years ago as a "working parent" when her daughter joined Beehive’s preschool class. Her presence in the school gradually increased through her work as both a substitute and enrichment teacher, including piloting the school’s ‘Sparkle School’, an arts and project based learning enrichment program. She naturally stepped in as a full time Pre-K teacher this year, and is working together with this years pre-k class to build two more exciting enrichment programs. ‘Cooking School’ and ‘Nature School’ offer hands on and child centered math and science learning and fun. Prior to Beehive, Julie was a preschool teacher in Austin, TX, is also a certified Tinkergarten leader and earned her Elementary Education Certification from CU Boulder.


Jennifer Jacobs, Co-Director


 Jennifer joins Beehive's leadership team as a former 4-year Beehive parent, Beehive science teacher, and Beehive Board member.  She currently has 2 kids at West University Elementary School, is a member of the WUES PTO, and serves as a Chair leader for the PTO.  Additionally, she writes grants for Children's Literacy Initiative, a non-profit seeking to increase literacy for disadvantaged youths in HISD and across the country. 

Kay Browning, Director


 Kay is a long-time educator and a 20-year resident of Southside Place, who sits on the Southside Community Garden Board, and has served on Beehive's board as a Community member since 2014. She is the former Director of West University Methodist Preschool from 2002 - 2005.  Prior to her leadership at West U Methodist, she was the Director of Ecole Classique School in New Orleans, LA, overseeing their Nursery, Pre-kindergarten, and Kindergarten programs from 1974 - 1997.   

About Us


Beehive Philosophy

Teachers and Parents at Beehive are guided by the following beliefs about children and learning:

  • Children learn best through active play and exploration.
  • Children need positive support and encouragement as they develop social and emotional skills.
  • Children's education is enhanced when teachers and parents work together to support learning and development.


Beehive Mission

Beehive is a play-based preschool that encourages children to become independent thinkers and explore learning through their interests. The school’s mission is to nurture the whole child by supporting academic, social, emotional, and physical growth; create school readiness; and foster parent involvement in their child's education. Beehive teachers facilitate play-based learning in combination with established educational curricula, while parents have the unique opportunity to be actively involved in their child’s educational community.


Beehive Goals for Children

Through interaction with the physical and social environment at Beehive, children will:  


· Learn about literacy, math, and science through play and exploration to get ready for kindergarten.

· Explore their creativity to foster problem solving and critical thinking skills.

· Build social skills and work collaboratively with other children.

· Develop ability to follow directions and practice self-control.

· Develop emotion regulation skills in a supportive, positive environment.

· Develop fine and gross motor skills.

· Learn to take care of their bodies independently.

Educational Learning Centers

Beehive children enjoy a beautiful balance of child-directed, playful learning and teacher-directed academic support.  Children grow confident in their abilities as learners while experiencing school as a fun place to be!

Who Thrives at Beehive



Someone looking to make a contribution. Parents at Beehive give and share their valuable resources of love, time, support, and talents. Beehive is a dynamic learning environment because of the unique offerings of each parent, and it’s exciting to witness these unfold each year as our community grows. 

Someone who is loving & open to connection. We simply love being together at Beehive. The real magic that happens in our community comes through the connection shared by parents, teachers, and children alike.  

Someone who is reliable. Parents have many demands on their time. At Beehive, we count on each other to show up on time, ready to engage with our learning community.  

Someone who is adaptable. Every day brings new adventures, and we count on each other to navigate through them with as much openness, fun, and joy as we can bring to the rapidly-changing experience of early childhood. 

Someone who welcomes growth. Parents who are ready to grow in their parenting skills and as community members enhance everyone’s experience. 

Why Beehive?