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Educator & Parent Collaborative Preschool

Educator & Parent Collaborative Preschool

Educator & Parent Collaborative PreschoolEducator & Parent Collaborative PreschoolEducator & Parent Collaborative Preschool

Welcome to Beehive!

West University's Preschool Coop

We are a unique parent cooperative located on the campus of West University Elementary School. For over forty years, our play-based preschool has helped develop the necessary skills children will need in elementary school and beyond. 

Play-Based Approach to Early Childhood Education

Research supports the benefits of play-based education as one of the best forms of learning. Through play, children can develop their creativity, social emotional skills, and develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. At Beehive, our play-based environment encourages children to become independent thinkers and explore learning through their interests. 

Our Program

Pre-School Class

Pre-Kindergarten Class

Pre-Kindergarten Class

Learning centers support the monthly themes with new activities introduced each week
Process Art (ad

Our younger learners begin their education journey by learning the basic foundations of reading, writing, and numbers though song and play. In the classroom they have the opportunity to develop their social skills as they transition from parallel play to actively engaging with peers.  

 (Ages 3-4, 15 students) 

M-F 9 - 12 pm OR M-F 9 - 2 pm

Pre-Kindergarten Class

Pre-Kindergarten Class

Pre-Kindergarten Class


 The older class prepares for elementary school with a variety of fun activities including writing, art, games, and puzzles. Project-based learning is encouraged as teachers lead the kids through brainstorming and problem solving activities. Kids explore a variety of topics such as cooking, nature, science, and gardening. 

 (Ages 4-5, 18 students) 

M-F 9 - 2 pm

Parent Involvement

Pre-Kindergarten Class

Parent Involvement

A parent of each Beehive child “works” in the classroom once or twice per month. To “work” in the cl

 A parent of each Beehive child “works” in the classroom once or twice per month. To “work” in the classroom means to set up and clean up projects, organize toys and learning materials, and to have a designated role at the cooking table, art table, or as a playground parent interacting with children during free time. Working parents are also invited to quietly observe their children during circle time. 

Learning Centers

Learning Centers

Parent Involvement


Learning centers support the monthly themes, with new activities introduced each week. Everyday, Beehivers are exposed to processed-based art, cooking, play-doh, sensory bins, pretend center, and outdoor play.


Learning Centers



Every year Beehive brings in an Enrichment Teacher to add to the robust play-based education Beehivers are already receiving.  Through our enrichment program, students have been introduced to yoga & meditation, science classes, puppet shows, music, and creative movement.


Learning Centers



 Camp Beehive is a fun summer program for children ages 3-6 years (exceptions may be made for siblings). Choose one week, or join us for the entire month with a special discount rate!  Extended day options are available. Check out the Camp Beehive link for more details.

Beehive Curriculum

A thoughtful, play-based approach to education:

In order to refine and better align Beehive’s Reggio Emilia inspired play-based philosophy to HISD, we just completed an extensive review of the Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines, Kindergarten TEKS, the HISD Pre-K curricula, West U Kindergarten Readiness requirements, West U Kindergarten curriculum, and the top pre-k curricula on the market.

We are excited to announce that in the spring of the 2018/19 school year, Beehive teachers began incorporating two research-backed curricula into its play-based learning environment: Get Set for School from Learning Without Tears and Blueprint for Early Literacy pre-K curriculum supplement from Children’s Literacy Initiative. 

Play-Based Learning is the idea that educators and parents recognize play is a child’s way of learning and coming to terms to the world around them. It involves a range of activities and learning approaches, but remains centered on the child’s right to follow their interest.

Reggio Emilia is a child-centered, project-based, relationship-driven model where teachers follow children's interests and encourage children to work together. 

Get Set for School prepares preschoolers for kindergarten with hands-on, developmentally appropriate strategies for writing and math. This will help create vertical articulation with HISD since kindergarten teachers are adopting Handwriting without Tears in the 2019/20 school year. 

Blueprint for Early Literacy, validated by third party independent research, is a curriculum supplement that is packed with authentic reading and writing experiences, and engaging purposeful play, to help teachers create a high-interest, literate, and vibrant classroom community. 


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We are on the campus of West University Elementary.  Please use our playground entrance on Goode Street, across from Little Matt's.  Private prospective parent tours available upon request.

Beehive Coop

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Did you know Beehive is a non-profit 501c3 organization?   Help us share an inspired vision of cooperative, community-oriented learning that benefits children, families, and the community!