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Buzzing About Beehive


This is our third year at Beehive and we love it! Given my PhD in child development, it was important to us to find a school with a play-based curriculum that supports children's social-emotional development. Also important, and unique to Beehive, is that I have the opportunity to be an integral part of my children's first educational experience. I get to have fun in the classroom, build a personal relationship with the educators, and know that all I bring to the school as a parent and professional is appreciated. We are all part of what makes the school so very special to the children. My kids get the benefit of a small community that values them as individuals, plus the bonus of having me there as a "working parent," which they LOVE. The Beehive staff is so warm and supportive, and have built positive relationships with my independent, strong-willed 5-year-old and my sensitive 3-year-old.  Every day the teachers and the parent committees create wonderful, enriching experiences for the children, from outdoor art projects to amazing sensory bins to the traditional Beehive "tea party." The parent community is also a highlight--I really appreciate the chance to build friendships with other families who are going through the same ups and downs of parenting. I feel so lucky that we found Beehive.


Our entire family feels so lucky to have found Beehive! We realized our daughter was looking for more social peer interaction instead of staying at home. She started out quiet and reserved, but wanting to make friends. Beehive was her first experience of going to school, and she really blossomed over her 2 years there. My husband and I also enjoyed building community relationships with the other workday parents. We feel like we are part of a large family with the parents, teachers, and kids. It is so comforting to share experiences with other parents, observe different parenting styles, and see firsthand the exceptional way that the teachers work with the kids.  

The Beehive Co-op model also allowed me to cherish the opportunity to get involved and see her in the school environment firsthand. Being there to participate and help during the day was a special way to see her interact with her school mates, and also enabled me to grow and learn as I watched the teachers model behavior for the classroom. I saw my daughter grow her sense of humor, telling jokes with her friends. I saw her make mistakes and get involved in conflicts but learn through the Beehive way to resolve them and become a kind and inclusive friend. I saw her amazing progress on the monkey bars, where at the beginning she could only hang. Through perseverance and hard work, she kept trying, and by the end, she could traverse the bars back and forth, doing all kinds of tricks. She loved the chance to explore process art at Beehive, and today she can sit in the zone for hours just drawing, cutting, pasting, and creating. Only some of her Beehive friends could read. She could not, but she loved to "read" stories to her friends, using her memory and the pictures to guide her. As she organically learned her letters through play and nurtured her love of stories, her Beehive teacher told us to look into the Name That Book club for elementary school. Sure enough, she now is a happy member of the team at her school. She is thriving at her elementary school and brings home A report cards and exciting news about things she's earned.

At this transitional stage between being at home and going to a formal school, kids are learning how to "be." They are learning how to interact with other kids of different temperaments. The Beehive teachers are so great at helping the kids learn in a practical and emotional way. They understand normal childhood development and handle situations in a gentle, non-judgmental way. My daughter gained confidence in herself and grew her love of learning thanks to Beehive!


Our family loves Beehive Co-op! We found Beehive through the recommendation of several neighbors and could not be happier with our choice to attend. The play-based Beehive environment is exactly  what young minds need to develop, and the best part is that parents get to experience and participate in their child's development as well. These early years are so fleeting, it’s priceless to attend Beehive with my son and watch him learn and play, and the  co-op model allows me to grow as a parent right along side him. We also love the co-op model because we get to know all of the parents and kids so well, which truly makes us feel we are a valuable part of such an important community. The staff is incredible.  The teachers are wonderful and clearly love what they do, which enables them to bring out the best in the children. They are always coming up with fun, enriching projects that help inspire problem solving and creativity in the kids. Watching the staff interact  with the children has also taught me wonderful tools to use at home for which I am thankful. I cannot say enough about how much we love Beehive. It is the best, most fun, gentle, loving environment I can imagine for our little ones.  We have all the confidence that  our older son will transition to elementary school successfully, and can't wait to start this journey again with our younger daughter.