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Coop Structure & Parent Involvement

Additional Information

As part of a co-op preschool, Beehive parents have the opportunity to be an active part of their young child’s educational experience. Parents play an integral role at Beehive as a partner and supporter of the teachers.  While most programs close their classroom doors to parents, Beehive invites them in. Children benefit from interacting with a group of adults from diverse professional backgrounds who are invested in Beehivers' success. Being part of a co-op is a wonderful and rewarding experience and also comes with responsibility because families are all working together with the teachers to create this unique and enriching learning environment.

Parent Involvement

A parent of each Beehive child “works” in the classroom once or twice per month. To “work” in the classroom means to set up and clean up projects, organize toys and learning materials, and to have a designated role at the cooking table, art table, or as a playground parent interacting with children during free time. Working parents are also invited to quietly observe their children during circle time.

If a parent is unable to be at Beehive on a scheduled workday, the parent must switch workdays with another parent or pay another parent to work as a substitute.  

Parent Education

Beehive parents are required to complete 15 hours of parent education. Hours may be obtained by reading books or articles, attending meetings or workshops, or watching presentations dealing with parenting or child development.  Several meaningful opportunities are provided to Beehive families throughout the school year to enhance their parenting skills and meet their parent education requirements.

Parent/Teacher Communication

One of the many wonderful benefits of a co-op experience is the continuous open communication between parents and teachers. Formal parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled once a year, however, parents may request additional conferences at any time. Parents will be informed of any health issues, including exposure to serious communicable diseases that affect the Beehive children immediately. Notices and information regarding upcoming events are shared via email, the bulletin board, and parent newsletters.