Admissions Requirements

  • All children must be toilet-trained.
  • Preschool children must be 3 years old, and Pre-K children must be 4 years old on or before September 1st of the current school year.
  • All children must attend a scheduled visitation day with parent.
  • The following forms must be completed and submitted with the Registration Fee and one month’s tuition:
  • Personal Information
  • Personal History
  • Emergency Information
  • Consent Form
  • Medical Statement - signed by a doctor
  • Background Check

Tuition & Fees

  • Application Fee, $75
  • Registration Fee, $250/year (new students), $150/year (current students)    
  • Supply Fee, $250/year 
    • Preschool 3's  Monday-Friday, 9 am-12 pm, $425/month
    • Preschool 3's Extended Day  Monday-Friday, 9 am-2 pm, $625/month
    • Pre-K   Monday-Friday, 9 am-2 pm, $625/month                                                                                                  

*Application fee is due upon application.  (Intent to Enroll may be submitted en lieu of the application.)  Registration fee, supply fee and first month's tuition are required to hold waitlist placement and are processed only upon admission.

Registration Process

Our 2019-20 enrollment for current and legacy families begins on February 11, 2019, and for community members on February 19, 2019.  Applications are considered complete only if they are accompanied by a check for registration, supplies and first month's tuition.  The application fee is processed immediately, and the remainder will be processed when placement is offered to the family.  This includes applications for children placed upon the wait list.

Families wanting priority consideration for upcoming school years may complete and return the "Intent to Enroll" form listed below. These forms are received year-round.

Parent Responsibilities

One parent of each child enrolled at Beehive must fulfill three obligations:  (1) volunteer at the school once every two weeks on a regularly scheduled basis, or once every four weeks with a paid parent substitute (2) acquire 15 hours of parent education as required by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services minimum standards for the licensing of childcare centers, and (3) serve on a committee, such as art, cooking, outdoor, pretend, welcome or board.

Staff Responsibilities

Degreed and/or certified early childhood teachers assume responsibility for developing curriculum and organizing the daily schedule.  Any specific celebrations and/or concerns affecting your child will be brought to your attention.  Parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled once a year, however, parents may request additional conferences at any time. Parents will be informed of any health issues, including exposure to serious communicable diseases that affect the Beehive children.